For the wild souls who love fiercely

What sets my soul on fire

Do you have a desire to run free and feel the wind on your face, hand-in-hand with your favorite human, feeling the tall blades of grass brush quickly across your legs? Or maybe you want to stand on a mountain top and just hold each other close while the sinking sun dissapears behind the peaks. If either of these things sound like you, then we will definitely get along. I want to capture every laugh and every brush of fingers across your face and when you look back at your images, I want you to be taken back into that moment and feel the love.

So who am I?

I’m just a girl with a big dream and a fiery passion to serve. I am extremely inspired by nature and am constantly ready for the next adventure. I’m a huge romantic – no shocker there – and I vow to only cry once, okay maybe twice, during your wedding. I’m not afraid to get dirty, hike to the top of that mountain, get in that super cold water, or anything else I need to do to be able to serve you best.